Dear ETKF Members,

As you all know by now, we had to cancel the date scheduled for the ETKF Championship in September, due to wolrd-wide Covid-19 virus situation. On this occasion we are addressing you regarding the new date for the Championship. In accordance with prevention measures of the World Health Organization, and advised by the Medical commission of ETKF, we have decided to have the ETKF European Championship on December 10 – 13th, 2020, in Prague – Czech Republic, as previously planned.
As the situation with Covid-19 is changing daily (in some countries), we hope that this is our final date. However, should the virus spread situation deteriorate, of course we will have to adapt to the current situation.
Anyhow, for now please plan and adjust your yearly calendar for the scheduled date for European Championship to be held in December.
Thank you very much for understanding. Hoping that you are all well and healthy, looking forward seeing you in December in Prague.

Yours trully,
Univ. prof. Vladimir Yorga, M.D., Ph. D
President of European Traditional Karate Federation

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