Professor Dr. Vladimir Iorga was born in Belgrade on July 10 1939, a University Professor and Doctor of sports medicine, pioneer of karate in SFR Yugoslavia and founder of the Traditional Karate Federation of Serbia. Older brother of Dr. Ilija Iorga, he is a holder of a black belt 9 Dan.
He is a full – time professor in emeritus of hygiene and medical ecology at the Belgrade Faculty of Medicine.
He was a superb athlete and multiple karate champion of Yugoslavia, and first became a University Champion as a medical student in 1963.
He remained a superb athlete and competitor until 1975. Later, as coach of the Yugoslav Karate Team, Referee and Professor at Belgrade University, Dean of the International Faculty of Sports at the European Peace and Development Center, Head of the Department of Sports Medicine, he brought great contribution to the scientific research and confirmation of the traditional values of Karate and its promotion in Yugoslavia and across the world.
In this area he authored and published over 170 scientific papers in national and international medical and professional sports magazines. He also published over 12 manuals and books on traditional karate.

Professor Dr. Vladimir Iorga was elected the First President of the Karate Union of Yugoslavia back in 1968 and through ITKF brought his contribution in the development of traditional karate in the world.

Being a senior official of the ITKF and ETKF, he organized the 11th ITKF World Traditional Karate Championship in Belgrade in 2002.

He was a student and closest associate of Sensei Hidetaka Nishijama.

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