European Championship to be held in Serbia

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Dear ETKF National Federation Members,

We are hereby informing you that, at the Congress of ETKF Board Members held in Romania on May 26th, 2018, we decided to have this year European Championship to be held in Serbia in Belgrade, on September 14 – 16, 2018. The competition will be held in Sport Center “Sumice“. As most of you know this is very important time and moment for ETKF, as we are all trying to maintain unity, to strengthen European Federation and enlarge our federation with new members and countries. Towards this goal and idea, participation at this European Championship is very important. I’m personally asking you kindly, and in the name of ETKF, to try to participate to this Championship in maximum number of country participants. All further information regarding the accommodation and competition propositions, you will receive by the end of the June. Looking forward seeing you all in Belgrade.

With my kindest regards,

President ETKF
Univ. Prof VLADIMIR YORGA, M.D., Ph.D. : Dejan Nedev, Macedonia's Most Successful Karateka

Dejan Nedev, Macedonia's Most Successful Karateka: Young Competitors Want to Fight Me to Prove Skills Dejan Nedev, Photo: Radovan Vujovic
 Macedonia’s most successful karate competitor, Dejan Nedev won two gold medals at the 32nd European Karate Championship, held in Kranjska Gora, Slovenia. He achieved his biggest success in his career which is over 2 decades long, and has managed to win trophies in the disciplines kumite techniques and kata.

Alongside, other Macedonian competitors won medals, which resulted in the total number amount to 7 gold trophies, 2 silver, and 3 bronze trophies for our competitors.

“This is a historic success for traditional karate. We won so many medals and it is very significant. I have managed to achieve a great result by winning a gold medal in kumite and kata. This is a result of experience. I have been in karate for a very long time. I have been an active competitor for almost 25 years, so these victories come as a result of years of hard work,” said Dejan Nedev, who despite being active for so long, plans on keeping busy in the future.

Balkan Gashuku 2014

The karate summer camp in Nea Flogita, Greece, will take place from 17th till 27th of August.

Successfull seminar with Hiroshi Shirai sensei

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The karate seminar with the world legend Hiroshi Shirai sensei Dan 10 was successfully organized. It included over 80 karatekas from Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. Assistants to the sensei trough the seminar were Silvio Campari from Italy, who is multiple European and world champion and our best karateka Dejan Nedev.


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